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Project has finished in 2014 but became debugged and operational in 2016. House of “The girls under the orange umbrella of Dr. Maleki “in khansar wear HIJAB”. Familiar and natural materials, brick, have made the framework of the building as a reference to Persian architecture, not the cortile though, but the famous 60% Footprint, something like a semi-detailed model which was an urban rule. Geometry as an aesthetic factor, lead us to a modern form that simplified and adopted to checkered modular net .introversion and privacy-preserving (surrounding) which is compatible with the local culture, is more important here. therefore there we considered a hierarchy to reach the building start from the alley and continued to entrance stairs, front courtyard, portico, entrance (portal), corridors and the ROOM which is a girl’s house. Façade has been extended from outside to inside to enfold entrance and front yard to make it possible for insiders to see it. Finally, laminated windows and terraces’ septums are going to complete this purpose. In order to simplify accomplishments and speed up the build process, we omitted joinery, in both interior and exterior sides. and limited the material to some basic elements easy to access and minimize execution team .in this method, by eliminating coating and gentle corners we will have a monolithic surface that is more durable, resister and stronger in long term. Also with wall post-installation of facilities and adjunctive elements to the mentioned walls became possible. This way not only it’s possible to check and repair all pipes and cables easily, but also you can adjoin home appliances or other elements to the building’s basic frame.


World Architecture News Awards (WAN) | 2018 | Winner
Architizer A+Awards | 2018 | Winner-First Prize
AR House Awards | 2018 | House Winner
Fritz-Höger Preis | 2017 | Shortlisted
Memar Awards | 2014 | First Prize


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Brazilian Magazine- Persa VIP
Architizer: The World’s best Architcture
Bricks Now&Then No.118
Winner- Affordable Housing- WAN Awards 2018
Artribune Magazine No.45
Winner- Concepts plus Architecture + Community- Architizer A+Awards 2018
Architectural Review Magazine No.1453
Winner- AR House Awards 2018
The Architectural Review
Shortlisted- Residential: Apartment Buildings- Fritz-Höger Preis 2017
A Little Game Called Architecture
Memar Magazine No.88
1st Prize- Public Buildings- Memar Awards 2014

Lead Architect(s)

Mohamadreza Ghodousi, Parsa Ardam, Fateme Rezaei Fakhr,


Javad Mirbagheri, The Late Ahmad Maleki,

Design Team

Golnaz Bahrami, Hosein Hejrat, Sara Jafari, Mahshid Gharibi, Shadi Sajad,


ZAV Architects,

Structural Consultant

Nader Shokoufi,

Mechanical Engineer

Ali Ghanizadeh,

Electrical Engineer

Ali Ghanizadeh,


Aidin Gilandoost, Fateme Rezaei Fakhr, Soroush Majidi,