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Architecture Project

If architecture is about "changing the Space", this change has a certain origin in the ZAV architecture office, which is expressed in the section "ZAV Thoughts". To go from the starting points outside the realm of architecture, which aims to adapt the aspirations of the architect and society, while making changes to the elements and mental concepts of this field and not neglecting the economic aspect of architecture in this practice mode. In addition, this paradigm shift tries to make the architecture office a little altruistic and hygienic, to involve more groups of people and to look for effective priorities that lead beyond the appearance and taste to the self-confidence of the nation.

Urban and Rural development Project

The experience of working with city plans, comprehensive and urban planning and the relevance of these plans for what can be seen in ZAV architecture office is one reason that suggests why such proposals can be considered in ZAV. The priority of ZAV is to carry out projects that are very feasible and whose effects make the level of intervention worthwhile. Large development projects are costly and inefficient and cannot provide adequate economic and spatial incentives in developing countries.


If we see design as a prediction of a future situation in the field of social optimum, the ZAV architecture office designed based on the possibility of measuring its “effect” on the research and analysis of information and existing conditions. These studies are conducted through field research, interview and library methods so that research and studies are progressive and provide plans and tools for reaching new frontiers in architecture and providing the appropriate infrastructure for them.

In-depth research raises questions that will affect what new definitions of architecture are, what a city is, and how architecture can be more effective. Urban, anthropology, economics, and architecture studies are examples in this collection.