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Cheshm Cheran villa is located in Golestan province, Minoodasht city, on the eastern north corner of Iran and the nearby the Caspian Sea. The vast site is surrounded by countless olive trees from north and west, wheat farms from the south and greenhouses from the east. It is located down the Minoodasht hills and has a moderate downward slope. The design of the project is very much informed by a simple question: Is it possible to preserve and enhance the site’s natural character while appropriating it as an inhabitable locale to capture wonderful views? The architectural volume is placed on a forgotten patch of land next to the existing rainwater reservoir and a tennis court, so its location enables it to benefit from a panoramic view of the project’s greater context. Meanwhile, vertical disorder between existing and constructing elements with its context was highlighted; every single scenario was happening at a unique level. To challenge the problem, the conventional circulation and spatial diagram for sub-urban constructions are reviewed. Circulation and social spaces of the house are combined and misplaced to be situated around habitation units as an elevated open space called “the Platform” that appears as an elevated piece of land. This deck will act as a certain level that organizes distributed project elevations. To accommodate other project spaces one more slab predicted above platform while the large concept open area for events beneath the platform is another major elevation. These three main levels along with BBQ, reservoir pool, tennis court, and playground levels are connected through “stairs”. To get vertically harmonized with the natural environment and unify existing construction and proposed intervention, this architectural element “stair” plays an essential role. As if various vertical levels of the site are landings that are connected through subtle stairs following natural slope of surroundings. As a conclusion a continuous landscape is in full operation; a constructed landscape of site follows initial geomorphology of hills.


Dezeen | 2018 | Selected project
Memar Awards | 2017 | First Prize


Design Diffusion News (DDN) Magazine
Memar Magazine


Design Diffusion News (DDN) Magazine- No.261
Selected Project- House- Dezeen Awards 2018
Memar Magazine No.106
1st Prize- Rsidential: Individual Dwellings- Memar Awards 2017

Lead Architect(s)

Mohamadreza Ghodousi,


Khalil Farshbaf,

Design Team

Sara Jafari, Mohsen Safshekan,

Graphic & Illustration

Yeganeh Ghezellou, Farid Golmohamadi,


Golnaz Bahrami,

Interior Design

Taraneh Behboud,


Fateme Rezaei Fakhr,

Structural Consultant

Jalaledin Sajjadian,

Mechanical Engineer

Peyman Shafeian,

Electrical Engineer

Peyman Shafeian,


Khalil Farshbaf,


Deed Studio, Parham Taghiof, Soroush Majidi,