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Design Diffusion News (DDN) Magazine- No.261

Cheshm Cheran Villa (Minudasht, Iran)

Mohammadreza Ghodousi is Founding Partner of Iranian architectural firm, ZAV Architects, who approach projects with a research-based process and socio-geographical vision to raise the bar for contemporary Iranian Architecture. “We were brought up in the ‘80s during the Iran-Iraq war. Experiencing war as youngsters impacted us in several ways. On the one hand, we have a close familiarity with the ugly face of war, but at the same time, we acquired the ability to look at disasters from a different angle. In disastrous and limiting situations, you have no choice but to maximally stretch yourself to your best and expand your radar in order to survive. This heightens your physical and thinking abilities.

With this mindset in the current situation, we are investing in a discourse to manifest a cultural proposal for the community and the market. With the recent drastic drop in Iranian currency, our international goals are more serious than ever as we see exporting Architecture as a means of representing the voice of people living amidst limitations and sanctions”.