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The main issue we faced in the project was site dimensions. Rectangular land is 6 meters wide and 30 meters long. Simple Euclidean geometry of the house sectioned by rays of light in two points weakens the depth of field. This concept is strengthened by using built-in electrical light. To respect the neighborhood, existing sky line has been followed so that this little project is not highlighted in the urban fabric. Even though it is trying to dissolve in the sky by fading woods in it. Very simple available materials (all material sources are within 20 miles) which are within anyone’s reach sits on the Persian loft concept. Volumes have been distributed in the space to adjust Aliabadi’s life style to Iranian contemporary architectural literature. Considering Iranian concept like deploying Walls and ceiling for extending space or simplicity of construction details which emphasizes on artistic side of architecture, while paying attention to context and client makes The Barbod’s fruit house “Gorganian” and user friendly. Barbod is client’s son who loves fruits; he can eat fruits for every meal. Boxes of Barbod’s fruits made of beez boxes come from Ziyarat (next to Gorgan) although he has a fruit table and a fruit storage too. Ziyarat was a good source for the project, yard stones is collected from Ziarat River as well as “Enjilue” wood on the roof, where rain water is going directly to the pond from there. Interior woods and stones are recyclable and details are very simple to be constructed by Gorganian contractors.


The New York Times | 2009 | Selected Project of Middle East
Memar Awards | 2008 | Third Prize


The New York Times Newspaper
Memar Magazine
Contemporary Process of Iran Architecture
Winners of 10 years of Architect Award


Contemporary Process of Iran Architecture (Chapter 01)
Interview with Mohammadreza Ghodousi by Brownbook
The New York Times Newspaper
Memar Magazine No.52
3rd Prize- Residential- Memar Awards 2008

Lead Architect(s)

Mohamadreza Ghodousi, Parsa Ardam,


Ahmad Aliabadi,


Ali Daghigh, Mohammadreza Rashed, Newsha Tavakolian,


Ahmad Aliabadi,

Construction Assistant

Akbar AsqarZadeh,

Structural Consultant

Ahmad Aliabadi,

Mechanical Construction

Akbar AsqarZadeh,