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It took more than a year to design the 18 villas for 9 different clients which mostly are artists or at least familiar with art. Client’s asked for weekend villas with nearly 200m2 areas on 100m2 footprint. Before ZAV enter the project, Mr. Sholleh; a colleague; alongside clients decide to set the villas next to each other, to leave the garden intact. But client’s image of a suburb villa was still remained. Therefore we suggested buildings with suburb characteristics like, courtyard, open or partially open space, showers, kitchen with the so called country characteristic. Some facilities for weekend life style like swing, hammock, barbeque, Again with this idea there we considered some other subjects in our designing process which are : easy accessibility to villas , sustainability and energy saving subjects , security , using local capability to build the villas , equity in distribution of villas , close connection with nature .

Lead Architect(s)

Mohamadreza Ghodousi, Parsa Ardam,


Farhad Ayish, Maede Tahmasebi, Mohsen Shahrnazdar, Pouya Aryanpour,

Design Team

Fateme Rezaei Fakhr, Sara Dastmalchian, Samaneh Hashemi,

Graphic & Illustration

Bahar Mehdi Pour,