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The architecture of this library was based on the Seljuk architecture of Khansar’s Boghe, so the multi-purpose library has a meaningful connection with the Boghe monument, only it is underground so it would not affect the geographical harmony of Sarcheshme Park nor the appearance of the Bogheh itself. It is short and bowing towards the Bogheh. It is transparent so as not to obstruct the view during the day and during the night brighten the Bogheh like a light. The entrance is lower than the Bogheh, so it would not lose its respect for it, at the same time the entrance’s yard has a water display to have harmony with Sarcheshme Park. While the library has internet access, “Damnoosh”(an Iranian drink) is served; there is also a gift store with local Khansari stuff as well. The environment-friendly plan emphasizes the springs around it by having the spring water as the border between people’s sidewalks and the library. The yard is also decorated with a stone fountain that is filled with Sarchesheme spring water.

Lead Architect(s)

Mohamadreza Ghodousi, Fateme Rezaei Fakhr, Golnaz Bahrami,


Mr Fazeli,

Design Team

Hosein Hejrat, Soroush Majidi,

Graphic & Illustration

Soroush Majidi,