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When client referred to ZAV architects, project footprint was the northern,60% of the land according to zoning and by laws. What highlighted by design team in this project due to the size and dimensions of the site, was the urban housing typology, which could be a transformation from raw housing into independent volume. If the mass occupation separates itself from the western border, then the possibility of loading the required spaces into the form of a singular volume comes on the table. design of this volume, revolved around three components of geometry, tectonics and uniqueness. The borders of the site that have a non-orthogonal angle got agency in shaping the geometry of the project in the form of recesses that can be found in plans and elevations to address the notion of what we see. The scale of these recesses is based on the organization of the plans, to established connection between inside and outside of the building. These spatial pockets are organized around the vertical access core. This project which is conceptualized around a geometric idea and emphasizes on the possibility of repeating architectural elements, trying to be spectacular and monolithic with brick tectonics, in the other words, the features and module of a type of brick will influence its form and proportions. A material that is easily moved by a craftsman and makes different flat and curved shapes and chamfers. Brick tectonics, which is supposed to be used in a homogenous method, creates a texture that cast shadows on the same volume and has its own material culture. The semi-open spaces and their handrails are also designed with compliancy with the extraordinary tectonics to have the least disobedience to the overall volume of the monolith.

Lead Architect(s)

Mohamadreza Ghodousi, Fateme Rezaei Fakhr, Golnaz Bahrami,



Design Team

Sheila Ehsaei, Soroush Majidi, Sara Jafari, Kaveh Rashid Zadeh, Farid Golmohamadi,

Graphic & Illustration

Yeganeh Ghezellou,

Project Manager

Sara Jafari,

Structural Consultant

Jalal Tabatabaeei,

Mechanical Construction

Peyman Shafeian,

Electrical Construction

Peyman Shafeian,