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The client’s wish to have a garden on the fifth floor led us to design the garden and the fifth floor simultaneously. This interplay between mass and space and green space has affected the fourth floor as well as providing unique spatial qualities. The fourth floor has also been affected by the positive and negative spaces of its ascending floor providing the fourth floor with special natural and visual quality. The presence of water, wind, earth, and fire represented by fountains, natural air ventilation, plants, and fireplaces enhances the sense of nature in this project. Long visual corridors with green voids on their way have led to a special quality of space. There are two different types of configurations of mass and space in the upper and lower levels. The mass of the upper levels gets lighter in connection with the sky while the mass of the lower levels gets lighter in connection with the courtyard. The middle levels act as the intersection of this changing configuration of mass and space. The apartment units’ distribution in the building also conforms to this concept: the first and second floors are duplex units equipped with double-height terraces adjoined with the courtyard. While the upper floors have flat-apartments, the only difference between them resides in their way of approaching the sky (the immense space). Another notable aspect of the project is the extension of the courtyard into the façade of the building. The courtyard is composed of the interplay between light and shadow, green vegetation and flooring material and this very character has been represented by the terraces with varying depths and green vegetation. On the upper floors with a decrease in the building’s mass, green open spaces appear in order to reach the roof (garden) and again dig their space on the other side of the building.

Lead Architect(s)

Mohamadreza Ghodousi, Fateme Rezaei Fakhr, Golnaz Bahrami,


Mr. Naghshineh,

Design Team

Soroush Majidi, Sara Jafari,

Graphic & Illustration

Soroush Majidi, Sara Jafari,