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The artist clients of this project wanted a small villa near Tehran for their holidays. we tried to borrow the concept base on their characteristics. The best way to know about them was to read Mr. Hamed’s writings and to watch Mrs. Motamedaria’s films. In the middle of this exploration we found the outstanding similarity between them their art works: simplification, purity, legibility. Objects or interior elements beside subjects or activities set in a simple, legible way. Then some small shifts are trying to make this geometrical order as dynamic as its residents. On the other hand w hat make both of the artist and their art (cinema and writing) closer is “text”. So this basic common has made the main characteristic of the place they come together; a propose library with bricks, moving between spaces and books will fill the empty places. Laminated windows and terrace’s septum are going to complete the veil around the building. In order to simplify accomplishment and speed up the construction process , we have omitted finishing phase in both indoor and outdoor scale, and have chosen some basic materials in order to minimize construction labour.in this method eliminating coats and thin edges caused a monolithic surface which is resister in long term injuries.

Lead Architect(s)

Mohamadreza Ghodousi,


Ahmad Hamed, Fateme Motamedaria,

Design Team

Fateme Rezaei Fakhr, Sara Aslani,

Graphic & Illustration

Bahar Mehdi Pour,