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The Exo-Interior Club House The Exo-interior clubhouse is located in one of the greatest residential boulevards of Shiraz city. It’s situated on the ground floor of a mixed-use complex, with an area of 700 Sq m, consist of a ground floor main hall plus an underground kitchen. The main hall is arranged as a series of semi-enclosed sitting areas (nodes) and some corridors to reach them. The idea of the spatial organization of the project is informed by extending the urban fabric into interior space as if sitting areas are residential parcels of a city and corridors are the public realms. As a result of the political situations, the relation between the public and private sectors, raise questions in the context of Iran. With comments on this issue, our practice is going to encounter people with the controversy they’re living in. The project materials have briefed in 2 items: stone and glass, which both are polished and reflective. Stone walls cover the structure and mechanical-electrical shafts, while translucent-illuminated glass walls have hanged from the ceiling to create floating sitting areas. Subsequently, these walls articulated to Ceiling which consists of approximately 200 curved glass pieces, according to sitting area geometry, in which some of them are openable for mechanical access. Due to using reflective materials, (glass & polished stone), we have the whole footprint drawn on the floor in a very surreal way. By walking on these virtual lines, capturing your multiple images on each surface, and involving all your senses, you’re going to experience a sensual surf questioning privacy condition. You will sense what’s going on in sitting nodes, but a new definition of the border has shaped your sense of privacy. This quality is being archived by questioning architectural elements: Walls are weightless and they don’t block your perceptions of around.

Lead Architect(s)

Mohamadreza Ghodousi, Nogol Zarbafian,


Mr. Panahi,

Design Team

Fateme Rezaei Fakhr, Soroush Majidi, Sara Jafari, Yeganeh Ghezellou, Negin Koushk Jalali, Kaveh Rashid Zadeh,

Graphic & Illustration

Golnaz Khosravani, Farid Golmohamadi, Sarvenaz Yasari,


Fateme Rezaei Fakhr, Negin Koushk Jalali,

Supervision Assistant

Mehdi Mahoutian,

Structural Consultant

Behrang Baniadam,


Ali Daghigh, Nogol Zarbafian,