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To be silent in an art gallery for art works to project, lead us to a silent architecture which not only needs silent forms but also needs silent details. Corners, joints, mechanical-electrical elements, additional elements, etc. have been omitted or decreased in order to make a silent and simple board for artwork presentation. In the atelier section forms and geometry have been chosen in a way to make the least interference in visual order, like there is less line. Garden which applies open character to the gallery is also following the same rule. The only exception is the brick frame remained from before to satisfy neighbors. To come to this point, we need new vocabulary, the so called “silence details”. Details of plinths, windows, utilities, sheet’s joints, flooring joints are making terminology for this literature. This visually clean and silent literature, at the same time has its own specific execution. There is minimum window frames to unify inside and outside, to challenge the inside outside diagrams! Flooring is the same (concrete) to emphasis on this concept.


Memar Awards | 2012 | Second Prize


Memar Magazine


Memar Magazine No.76
2nd Prize- Renovation- Memar Awards 2011

Lead Architect(s)

Mohamadreza Ghodousi, Parsa Ardam, Fateme Rezaei Fakhr, Hosein Hejrat,


Ehsan Kermani, Sogand Manani,

Design Team

Bahar Mehdi Pour, Shahrzad Fadaei,


ZAV Architects,

Construction Assistant

Hormat Ghasemi,


Fateme Rezaei Fakhr, Shahrzad Fadaei,