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Amirabad Street, North Kargar Street, Keshavarz Boulevard, Elizabeth Boulevard, Boulevard, Contemporary Art Museum, Carpet Museum, Laleh Park and many of the same names are all reminded of the cultural part of Tehran. The fact that some people still claim that Elizabeth Boulevard is the most beautiful street in Tehran and has a special urban identity can be added to this cultural district and the sensitivity of placing large crowds on the corner of the boulevard and Amirabad and in front of Laleh Park is multiplied. The Keshavarz Boulevard, on which pedestrians and car drivers of Tehran used to live, has been stripped of its public and pedestrian form just like other areas of Tehran. Basically, the people in Tehran did not take any steps to create a public urban space and never thought that their own interests lead to the general interests of the city. And so the architects thought that they can benefit the city by safeguarding the interests of their project, as if branching out into the alleys of the boulevard in order to empty the city and the boulevard of the project and these gaps in the public space. With its presence, the roof of the project should also emphasize the view that urban spaces and can be developed as much as possible. After visualizing this porous and rigid middle and upper creature on the corner of the boulevard and Kargar Street from the citizens' point of view, the stiffness of the middle belt has created difficult perspectives and at the same time a duality of volume. It is for this reason that the architects decided to develop breaks, fillings and gaps in the central space, and although they have limited dimensions, they have dynamized the central rigid volume to bring the volume to a human scale, and so they created a texture of folds placed on top. Finally, the relationship between this tape and the cultural context was established by placing a layer of concrete colors on the spectrum of the “Kamran Diba” Museum of Contemporary Art and the Architect’s own touch.

Lead Architect(s)

Mohamadreza Ghodousi, Fateme Rezaei Fakhr, Golnaz Bahrami,



Design Team

Soroush Majidi, Yeganeh Ghezellou,

Graphic & Illustration

Soroush Majidi, Mahta Aminali, Golnaz Khosravani,