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First session of Architectural Dialogue series of Tehran Institute

Guest Architect: Mohammadreza Ghodousi

Subject Plan Improvement: Experience Customer

Panel Members: Afshar Naderi, Mohammadreza Nikbakht and Ali Kermanian

The first session of architectural dialogue series took place at Museum Garden (Baghe Mooze Ghasr) in 2014, with Mohammadreza Ghodousi as the invited speaker and Kamran Afshar Naderi, Mohammad Nikbakht and Ali Kermanian as members of the panel.

At the start of the session, a memorial film was screened in memory of late Houshang Seyhoon. In the first part of the session, Mr.Ghodousi spoke, following Q&A, and in the second part, there was a discussion between the speaker and panel members and answering various questions.