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Best in Brick- Phaidon Atlas

Aytam Carpet Weaver House (Khansar, Iran)

One of the oldest building materials in the world, brick is coming back in to fashion. Developments in technology are allowing architects to use brick in new and inventive ways, while still hearkening back to traditional craft methods. Patterned facades, soaring arches and sturdy wallsare all features of brick that make it a versatile and beautiful material.We've gathered examples of some of the best new brick buildings in the Phaidon Atlas.

ZAV Architects designed the envelopeof Aytam Carpet Weavers House with a pattern of bricks, each with thelateral end facing outwards. Theresult is a grid that evokes the 'wrap and weft' method of weaving, while maintaining strong structural durability. The earliest use of brick in Iran dates to the 8th millennium BC and continues to be an integral part of construction in the country. The architects chose to source the bricks for the project locally from a traditional supplier, supporting long-established methods of fabrication in light of increasingly idustrialized modern production methods.