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Type-less is located on Hormuz Island which is becoming an international tourist destination. Locals are benefiting from this transformation. However, they need to collectively face pressing and emerging challenges. Type-less provides a flexible spatial platform for taking action in terms of encounter diverse challenges of going global in a local community through conversations and discursive action. Type-less program is free and can change at any time, due to the fact that its spatial pockets can be modified. This adaptivity is provided by making spaces independent from structure, utility, insulation, and access restrictions. It is an experiment to review the connection of architecture with the architectural grid, utility shafts, staircases, and other vertical and horizontal architectural elements that tie a building together in a fixed composition. A concrete structure capable of supporting prefabricated concrete slabs bears the weight of different spatial units. There is also a scaffold structure that supports a canopy roof that protects the spatial units from rain and also creates vertical and horizontal access to these units. These spatial units are feeding from the utility channels. Apart from utility main sources, everything else is mobile in interior spaces to maximize adaptability and hence the spatial packets can be separately plugged or unplugged on-demand. Under the canopy roof, there are semi-open spaces, for relaxing, meetings, events, workshops, etc. In condition spaces offices, meeting rooms, accommodation, dinning and gathering spaces are located now but, they may alter in future to serve unpredictable scenarios. As if spatial pockets are independent parcels in urban fabric shouldering their roles resiliently in various situation.


Grand Prix du Design | 2021 | Silver Winner
Architizer A+Awards | 2021 | Finalist


Silver Winner – Commercial Building – Mixed – Use Building – GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN – 14e edition
Finalist – Architecture + Low Cost Design – Architizer A+AWARDS 2021

Lead Architect(s)

Mohamadreza Ghodousi, Fateme Rezaei, Golnaz Bahrami, Hanieh Alizadeh,

Design Team

Sheila Ehsaei, Soroush Majidi, Payman Barkhordari, Azin Ravayee,



Graphic & Illustration

Somayeh Saeedi,

Electrical Engineer

Pezhman Moradian,


Soroush Majidi, Payman Barkhordari,


Payman Barkhordari,

Sturcture Engineer

Jalal Tabatabaeei,

Mechanical Engineer

Gholamreza Maleki,